This is my first attempt at actually writing out a knitting pattern. I thought I’d start off easy with a facecloth. 

Starburst stitches evoke images of spring blossoms and summer fireworks.

Starburst stitches evoke images of spring blossoms and summer fireworks.


It’s mid-summer in Japan. Hot and so humid it’s like you’re swimming. If you can’t find refuge somewhere air conditioned, you will likely engage in the national pasttime of dabbing your forehead and neck with a little towel. 

     Everyone in Japan carries a facecloth. They’re practical, not just for wiping sweat, but because public washrooms here rarely have hand dryers.

     Some other national past-times include springtime flower viewings (hanami) and summer fireworks displays (hanabi). I chose a star-burst pattern that evokes both of these images. (See Elizabeth Freeman’s Laminaria from Knitty’s Spring 08 issue).

     Towels are a major accessory here, so be luxurious and knit several to match your shoes and favourite handbag.



I used Ski Yarn brand cotton yarn (pink) and Charkha Cotton Tweed (green), though any soft cotton is suitable. 

Pair of 3.5mm (pink) or 4mm (green) needles.

Darning needle for finishing.


Star Pattern: 

Knit three together but don’t drop them from the left needle. Yarn over and knit into the three again. (Three stitches becomes three stitches).



Work the star pattern in a single stitch (One stitch becomes three stitches).
















CO 3 sts

Row 1 (RS): Increase, k1, inc (7 sts).

Row 2 (all WS rows): purl.

Row 3: inc, k1, star, k1, inc  (11 sts).

Row 5: inc, k1, star, k1, star, k1, inc (15 sts).

Continue in this pattern increasing at each edge until your hanky measures about 7 inches along one edge. 

RS: Work without increasing: k2, *star, k1**, repeat from * to ** ending with star, k2.

WS: purl.

RS: Start decreasing:  k3tog, k1, *star, k1**, repeat from * to **, knit last 3sts tog.

WS: purl.

Continue decreasing on eithe

r edge until 5 stitches remain. 

RS: K2tog, k1, k2tog.

WS: P3tog, break yarn and pull through the loop.


Finishing: Weave in loose ends.